RELEASE: Mictlan by G. Graves

by phrenicpress

Phrenic Press is pleased to announce its latest release


G. Graves


Mictlan is a planet of tropical breezes and endless beaches—a paradise; or it would be if not for the apex predator inhabiting it…

When Dash2, a specifically bioengineered monster, is introduced to make the planet hospitable for human guests it comes face-to-face with the ahuizotl and the battle for domination begins.

When the dust settles, who will ultimately reign supreme on Mictlan? The bioengineered Dash2 or the indigenous creature evolved over centuries to hunt in this tropical paradise?

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Having always been intrigued by a good story and science, G. Graves searched for a way to pursue both. When she’s not busy with something involving elaborate costumes and backstory she tries to find the time to write about where science might take us in the future.