RELEASE: Red in Tooth and Claw by Dale W. Glaser

by phrenicpress

Phrenic Press is pleased to announce its latest release…

Red in Tooth and Claw

Dale W. Glaser


When Rick Ormond’s world hit rock bottom he was transformed into Snow Wolf; a super hero on a mission to preserve the Earth’s ecosystem.

While working against the mega-corporations intent on pillaging the Earth of its natural resources with no thought of the repercussions, he finds himself in a lush tropical paradise faced with a foe only his alter ego has a chance in hell of beating. That foe, straight from the mouth of a dormant caldera, could wreak ultimate havoc on the world he’s sworn to defend.

Will Snow Wolf be able to save the day?

Red in Tooth and Claw is available exclusively for purchase or borrow on Amazon at:

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Dale W. Glaser is a lifelong collector, re-teller and occasional inventor of fantasy tales. His secret origin involves his father stepping on a mutated sea urchin in the Caribbean Sea, which passed along to his progeny the ability to move slowly, think deeply, and extrude defensive spines at will. He currently lives in Virginia with his wife and three children.