RELEASE: Bodies by Su Haddrell

by phrenicpress

Phrenic Press is pleased to announce its newest release…


Su Haddrell


At the height of the Blitz during WWII in Britain, the Germans bombard their targets day after day, night after night. While the devastation from the air raids is widespread, the death toll doesn’t climb; the Wardens haven’t found a body in days. But people are still going missing.

Two young lads, flush on the adventure of war, scamper through the rubble in search of treasure and other spoils. They thrive on the peril; find fascination with the dangerous and grotesque. When they stumble across a prize that might be their best yet, they soon discover there are horrors beneath the city…

Something far more terrifying than the Jerrys flying overhead.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Su Haddrell is a British writer living in a picturesque and peaceful area of Worcester that’s been cleverly disguised as a noisy council estate. She has had stories recently accepted and published in anthologies by Fox Spirit and enjoys editing and beta reading for other authors. In addition to writing, she also paints, sews and organises the UK’s only Judge Dredd convention. She loves rum, her cat, her boyfriend and movies where things explode within the first 14 seconds.