RELEASE: Takers of Light by Daniel Loubier

by phrenicpress

Phrenic Press is pleased to announce its latest release

Takers of Light

Daniel Loubier


A long time ago, there was a race of beings that lived in the streets and the shadowy places below them; they were driven underground by those of the light. This subterranean race is now known as The Dark Dwellers…

To Tarnen, a young Dark Dweller, the world above is an unknown place. He’s spent his entire life below the surface in the dim sewers with Mother and Father, surviving on the meat and bones of small creatures and scurrying bent forward through the tunnels that are his home. 

When Tarnen learns of another world, one full of light and people that walk upright, his curiosity gets the better of him and he must see it for himself. Disobeying Mother, Tarnen climbs a ladder toward the brightness from above and meets Sarah, a young girl who has recently moved to the city. Only able to see her through a sewer grate, Tarnen quickly becomes infatuated and wishes to visit her world – the world of light. He wants nothing more than to see her world as she sees it, to no longer be confined underground; to stand next to Sarah and feel the warmth of the sun.

Is Tarnen’s eagerness to be near Sarah enough to goad him into entering her world? Or will his parents’ warnings about the evils of Man – those who forced his race into a life of hardship – be enough to keep him from leaving the security of his world below and enter that of The Takers of Light?

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Daniel lives on the Connecticut shore with his wife, two sons and enormous movie collection. With zero aptitude for creating films, he decided to put his stories on paper (and digital ink). Since his debut novel, Dead Summit, Daniel has written about ghosts, zombies, The Exorcist, mutants, Santa Claus, evil clowns, gnombies (zombified garden gnomes) and demons. Yes, DEMONS! Find out more about Daniel at and on Facebook.