RELEASE: A Feast of Sorrows by Thaxson Patterson II

by phrenicpress

Phrenic Press is pleased to announce its latest release

A Feast of Sorrows

Thaxson Patterson II


While planning the celebration of her twenty-third birthday, Keisa Williams is kidnapped by The Presenter, a sensationalized serial killer who leaves his victims wrapped perfectly like gifts outside their homes.

Keisa is taken into the terrifying darkness of a wildlife preserve and left dangling from a tree branch as a pack of hungry wolves howl and collect beneath her. She is given two choices—do nothing and die, or fight and survive the night. The reward for her survival? The Presenter will gift her something special.

To survive the night and overcome her terror, Keisa must face her inner demons, the savagery of nature, the cruelty of man, and the frightening realization that there are even worse things in the world than serial killers…

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ThaxsonPatterson.JPGABOUT THE AUTHOR — Thaxson Patterson II is a 30 something, African American writer, living in Denver, Colorado. His lifelong reading, collecting, and obsession with a variety of literary genres including Dean Koontz mysteries, and the heroic myths from antiquity fueled his passion for writing.

His short story “Life Under Research Conditions” was published in the anthology The Toll of Another Bell by Xchyler Publishing in January of 2015. “The Gunslinger with No Hands”, was published in August 2015 in Bardic Tales and Sage Advice Volume VII.